Contexo Mobility & Tax Consulting Ltd

Welcome to Contexo Mobility!  We help companies and individuals navigate through the complexities of global mobility and related tax issues.  Here is where you will find a blend of expertise from Big 4 accounting firms and Fortune Global 500 companies but the attention of a boutique consulting practice.

Our business plan is simple - we build our practice one client at a time based on long-lasting business relationships.  We pride ourselves on the uniquely holistic approach we take on global mobility, professional services you will find attentive, advices on which you can rely, solutions that are pragmatic and comprehensive, and US expatriate tax compliance services that are efficient.  You will be supported by Jensen Leung, our founder and Managing Director, who is a recognized leader in the field with 27 years of proven international experience.

We encourage you to review our services and the resources we have available to you on our website.

We look forward to serving you soon.

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